Code of Conduct

On the Mountain

  • Observe all rules.  Be respectful of other skiers at all times for your safety as well as others.
  • No cutting lift lines.  You do not have any special privileges as a racer.
  • Always wear your pass and show it when loading chair. It is the lift attendant’s job to check passes.   Say THANK YOU when loading the lift.
  • Be respectful of fellow racers and coaches.

In the Lodge

  • The lodge is owned by all members.  Treat it as you would your own home, or better! 
  • Clean up after yourself.  DO NOT leave food and garbage on tables after lunch.  If you drop anything on the floor under the table, pick it up.
  • No saving tables or seats around the fire.  Make room at the fire for non-racing members.
  • No roughhousing or wrestling.  No profanity or raised voices inside. It will not be tolerated.   


  • Be a good sport.  Lift up your teammates and help them reach their potential.  This means being a good person on and off the hill.
  • Follow the rules and race with integrity.
  • Respect the officials.
  • Let the coaches coach.
  • Keep a positive attitude.  Focus on what you have learned, what you have done well and what you will work on next time.
  • Your race is your race.  No excuses or blaming anyone else, the conditions or the tuning job!
  • Let’s all try and stop asking “what was your time?” after each run.  Let’s ask “How did it go?” instead.
  • Not all racers will win medals or place in the “top ten.”  Most do not pursue ski racing in college or beyond. What is most important is what our children learn by working hard, having determination each time they get in the starting gate, and giving it their all as they work to achieve their personal goals.

Please share the above rules & guidelines with your children. As parents and coaches we can all work together to make sure they are adhered to.