NYSSRA has made significant changes to the structure of the U14 age group.  There are two paths you can take as a U14 racer, the Excelsior Cup or the Knickerboker Cup.  As a U14 racer, you must choose one path and may not compete on both.

Excelsior Cup  This is going to be the path most U14 athletes take.  Here, athletes will complete only against other U14 racer from western New York (Buffalo & Syracuse).  The U14’s will race slalom, giant Slalom and super G.   Only U14 racers will be at these races.  The course set, training and competition will be more age appropriate for the racers.   The race schedule will involve traveling to Buffalo for one weekend, Syracuse another, and a third race in the Rochester area.    There will be more enhanced training opportunities as compared to younger age groups. 

All Athletes MUST participate in the Super G camp at Bristol in order to be considered for states competition. SG skis are NOT required, but there is a minimum length requirement for GS skis. Requirements are posted on the USSA ski length Matrix.  Athletes will need SL and GS skis. They will also need a race approved helmet and Slalom gear.  Athletes that don’t make the state team, can go to Kaddahar if they choose.

Knickerboker Cup  This option is designed for someone who is newer to ski racing.  They will not be skiing on the U14 circuit, rather they will race with the U12 and U10’s at their local three races.   For a better idea of this circuit, visit the U12/10 page.

All U14s must be members of USSA and NYSSRA. To register without a late fee you need to do that by Oct 15th; all registrations must be completed by 12/31/15.


Holiday Camp

December 26 11am-1pm and 1:30-3:30pm

December 27, 28 and 29 from 9–11 & 11:30–1:30                             

Regular Weekend Training

Begins December 31st and continues until the NYS State Champs and Kandahar races.

Sat. & Sun. from 9:00–11:00 & 11:30–1:30. 

Regular Thursday Night Training

January 5th through NYS State Champs and Kandahar races from 5:45–7:45pm

Wednesday Night Training – optional (extra fee, must register) Focuses on fundamentals.

January 4th through NYS State Champs and Kandahar races from 5:45-7:45pm

Post-season training to be announced.

Race details can be found on WWW.NYSSRA.ORG  Go to the U14 & younger tab. Each venue will eventually have a race program posted that will outline the timeline for the day. It is good idea to get in the habit of reading this in full before each event.

Schedule will be posted when finalized. 




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