Post Season Racing

Postseason races are defined as races that occur outside the HHRT schedule, usually occurring in late March and early April. 


At the U12/10 level, all races/camps that occur after the Kandahar festival in Ellicottville are considered to be postseason races. 


At the U14 and above levels, all races/camps that occur after State Championships are considered to be postseason. 


Race team registration costs for each level does not include postseason races.  If racers choose to go to a postseason race, HHRT will work to find a coach that will represent them at this race.   The  coach may not be the same coach as during the regular season.  


All costs associated with coach’s lodging and mileage for postseason races will be divided up among the athletes going.  It is common for parents to offer rides and/or rooms to coaches to cover the cost. 


If you have any questions, please see Coach Jen or Tyler, email us at [email protected], or fill out our contact us form.